SolarEdge vs Enphase

The SolarEdge vs Enphase comparison has generated much discussion over the years as these two companies have controlled the lion’s share of the solar inverter market.

No solar system is complete without an inverter to transfer that DC power collected into AC power for use in the home and for appliances and devices that depend on it. 

Suppose you are looking for the best inverters, solar panels, and battery storage for your solar system. The conversation about SolarEdge vs Enphase: which is better? It may be a big help to any decision you make. Here are a few comparisons for you to contemplate. 

SolarEdge vs Enphase

Who Is SolarEdge?

Is SolarEdge a Chinese company? No, SolarEdge is a solar distribution company founded in 2006 in Israel. Since its inception, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the leading solar system providers.

The company now provides many products, including intelligent module solar panels and optimizers to boost productivity. Their new arm of energy solutions had made their Automation Machines Division a force in the industry.

SolarEdge has locations in various as they seek to provide grid services for businesses and homeowners. They have integrated the use of apps into their products, including solar panels.

Who Is Enphase?

Enphase is a company founded in 2006 that seeks to transform the solar industry. Based in the United States of America, it provides several solar products to help businesses and homeowners garner the sun.

The company was established in America and has become one of the most prominent distributors of microinverters. They make many smart devices, including clothing. 

They offer solar panels, but these are in collaboration with other companies like Panasonic, Solaria, and SunPower. Is Enphase a good solar company? Without a doubt, you can trust them to provide quality products.

SolarEdge vs Enphase-Which Inverter Is Better?

You may have noticed that both companies started business in 2006, that is one thing they have in common. However, they have gone in different directions as to what they offer.

In the matter of SolarEdge vs Enphase, it depends on what aspect you are considering. Enphase is better when it comes to scaling their systems with better inverter choices.

Microinverters are popular with clients who want a system that can receive upgrades when needed. Enphase wins in that department with their inverter type built into the solar panel for more efficiency.

SolarEdge has the optimizer built into their solar panels, which works similarly to the microinverter. This technology makes these companies competitors for this type of inverter/solar panel module design.

So are SolarEdge inverters reliable? We would say yes, they are. However, you can’t lose with Enphase either.

SolarEdge vs Enphase-Which Battery Selection Is Better?

SolarEdge and Enphase both offer battery options that are suited to the needs of customers. To know which company provides the better solution, we need to look at what they offer.

SolarEdge offers customers a battery backup solution that connects to their StorEdgeinverter to provide power during a blackout. The system uses the LG Chem RESU batteries to provide a reasonable cost for value.

Enphase offers its own battery, which is called the Enphase Ensemble. This product offers fewer options than SolarEdge and costs more for the value. The restrictions give SolarEdge the edge in this department.

SolarEdge vs Enphase-Productivity

The difference between productivity for these companies is the technology used to supply an adequate amount of energy via solar. There is an acceptance that SolarEdge beats out Enphase for efficiency.

The reason for this belief is due to the productivity of SolarEdge’s central inverter and optimizer module. The inverter provides 99% efficiency while the optimizer does better at 99.5%.

Enphase, on the other hand, produces 97% from its Enphase IQ 7 series. One factor that haunts Enphase devices is the overheating of their inverters, a common problem experienced by some consumers.

Jack Greenfield of Australia said. “SolarEdge has been our go-to product from the start. They have great customer service and are easy to get hold of. SolarEdge is our premium offering and is also affordable. We have SolarEdge on our roof!”  

rmsspecialized wrote, “Rough start with Kota who installed our Enphase system with 33 IQ7+ panels which are producing very consistent power now. Getting about 84 kwh a day. Took a few months to iron things out. Pleased with the final outcome. Almost a year now and will continue to monitor, on a very nice app. Also took some time to get the company to set the app up for us.”

SolarEdge vs Enphase-Conclusion

The SolarEdge vs Enphase debate should be much clearer now. So is SolarEdge better than Enphase? In many respects, yes, it is better, but that is still determined by what you, as the customer, are looking for in a system.

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