Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935

This review on Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935 will examine the differences and which is better. Comparing these watches can help people choose the one they believe is right for them.

All watches aren’t the same, with some having features not found in the others. For a detailed look, here is an in-depth view of Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935

Garmin Watches

Garmin Ltd, founded in 1989 in Switzerland, is a company that specializes in GPS-related technology. The company has spread its wings to include products that track all physical activities, including the body’s pulse and more.

Garmin watches are popular with athletes and those who love to keep active. You can find these devices on the wrists of anyone who loves their design and capabilities, so there aren’t limited to the physically active for purchase.

Is Garmin Instinct Solar Worth It?

Garmin Instinct Solar is one of the best watches you can buy, especially if you love the outdoors. The watch uses the sun’s energy to power the battery for longer life and dependability.

The watch monitors your blood oxygen levels and keeps track of your heart rate. It also features exercise tagging and a rugged glass face that is strong and durable.

Is Garmin Forerunner 935 Worth It?

Garmin’s watches are worth it, so the Forerunner model is no exception. What is more important is the needs of the buyer; you have to decide which device fulfills all of your needs.

The Forerunner 935 has a high resolution and large screen for a better viewer experience. It offers notifications that could prove lifesaving and support WiFi.

This Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935 comparison has many advantages and disadvantages. Below are the features of each watch. 

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Design

The similarities are waterproofing, sweat resistance, display, replaceable straps, maximum operating temperature, and continuous display.

Differences include Forerunner 935 doesn’t have damage-resistant glass but has better resolution than Instinct Solar. Forerunner 935 is 240×240, and Instinct Solar is 128×128 pixels.

The Forerunner 935 is lighter at 49g compared to 53g and has a smaller depth range for waterproofing. Forerunner 935 has a 50-meter limitation while Instinct Solar is 100 meters.

Forerunner 935 has a screen size of 1.2 inches, while Instinct Solar is 0.9 inches. Instinct Solar has a thickness of 15.3 to Forerunner 935’s 13.9 millimeters. Instinct Solar is slightly shorter and thinner.

The lowest operating temperature is vastly different, with Forerunner 935 making 20 and Instinct Solar -20 degrees centigrade.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Features

We will also look at the features in comparing the Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935.

Some similarities include map upload capability, alert vibration, stopwatch, notifications, silent alarm, online portal accessibility, phone locator, and call control.

Other similarities are alerts for inactivity, access to sunrise and sunset times, Galileo, and social media connectivity. Both watches can answer calls with one year warranty.

Differences include thunderstorm warnings, available on Instinct Solar but not the Forerunner 935. Instinct Solar GPS is faster than that of the Forerunner 935.

Other differences include goal achiever rewards by Instinct Solar compared to the Forerunner. The Forerunner 935 has 64 megabytes compared to Instinct Solar’s 16 megabytes.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Sensitivity

The sensitivity similarities of Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935 are GPS, heart rate monitor, compass, barometer, and cadence.

Differences include Instinct Solar has a 3D compass, and Forerunner 935 doesn’t have one. The Forerunner 935 has a gyroscope, while Instinct Solar lacks one. 

Another difference is the blood oxygen level monitor; only Instinct Solar has one.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Tracking

Both devices provide tracking for various things. The similarities are tracking for routes, distance, pace, calories, trackback, sleep, goal setting, and multi-sport mode.

Other similarities include automatic activity detection, elevation, steps, a stroke detection system, and swimming stroke count.

Differences include exercise tagging, water intake, and weight, which Instinct Solar has but the Forerunner 935 doesn’t. The Forerunner 935 design is golf-oriented but not Instinct Solar.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Connectivity

Connectivity is another aspect of the Garmin watches. Both watches have IOS and android compatibility, Bluetooth, ANT+ support, and wireless and automatic syncing.

Differences include Instinct Solar doesn’t support WiFi, WiFi 4, or WiFi 5, but Forerunner 935 does have that option. 

Instinct Solar has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters, while Forerunner 935 has about 30 meters. Depending on phone strength, it could be more or less. Forerunner 935 is compatible with Windows; Instinct Solar isn’t compatible.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Battery

Another vital factor in a device’s reliability is the battery, which powers the watch to keep it running. Both watches have two similarities: a power level indicator and the battery is rechargeable.

Differences include battery type as Instinct Solar is recharged by solar energy while Forerunner 935 requires another method. Power saving mode for Forerunner 935 is 60 hours and 1344 hours for Instinct Solar.

Other differences include the battery’s lifespan. When in constant use, Forerunner 935 is 24 hours, while Instinct Solar is 24 days to unlimited, depending on conditions.

The charge time for the Forerunner 935 is about 2 hours, while the Instinct Solar took 2 hours and 20 minutes in good conditions. In normal mode, the Forerunner 935 battery will last 14 days, while the Instinct Solar battery will last 68 days.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Other Comparisons

Some other features not mentioned that these watches share are 26 language support capability, rating on Google Play and Apple, and personalization.

Other similar features include a free app and free ads, and voice feedback. The watches support widgets and music playback and can connect with external heart rate monitors.

On Amazon, the Forerunner 935 is more expensive than the Instinct Solar. The difference in cost is minimal.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Other Questions

Here are s0me answers to some frequently asked questions about Garmin Instinct Solar and Forerunner 935 Watches:

What Does Solar Mean In Garmin?

In a nutshell solar in Garmin simply means that the Garmin watch can be charged via the solar energy from the sun.

How Tough Is Garmin Instinct Solar?

Garmin Instinct Solar is a very tough watch overall. It has a screen that resists scratches and impacts, however the casing isn’t the best. The Forerunner 935 doesn’t have the same screen and will become damaged much easier.

Is Garmin Instinct Solar Scratch Proof?

Yes, the screen on the Instinct Solar is resistant to scratches and bruising while the Forerunner 935 doesn’t have this ability. The Forerunner 935’s screen  isn’t scratch resistant.

Can You Put A Screen Protector On A Garmin Solar Watch?

Yes, you can put a screen protector on a solar watch, but it would defeat the purpose of having a solar watch. Garmin doesn’t recommend using a screen protector. However the Forerunner 935 doesn’t depend on solar, that can have a screen protector if you so desire.

Does Garmin Instinct Solar Charge When Off?

Yes, the watch will still charge while it is off, making this an exceptional feature to have. Since The Forerunner 935 doesn’t rely on solar to charge the same won’t be true for it.

Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935-Conclusion

In our conclusion of the Garmin Instinct Solar vs Forerunner 935 comparison and review, we think that Instinct Solar takes the win. However, the choice is always that of the individual and what they prefer.

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